The reaction of soluble mixed-valence-state (a3+CuA2+.CuB+A32+) cytochrome oxidase with O2 at low temperature was studied by optical and e.p.r. spectroscopy. The existence of three intermediates [Clore & Chance (1978) Biochem. J. 173, 799-8101] was confirmed. From the e.p.r data it is clear that cytochrome a and CuA remain in the low-spin ferric and cupric states respectively throughout the reaction. No e.p.r. signals attributable to cytochrome a3 or CuB were seen in the intermediates. The difference spectra (intermediates minus unliganded mixed-valence-state cytochrome oxidase) and absolute spectra of the three intermediates were obtained. The chemcal nature of the three intermediates is discussed in terms of their spectroscopic properties. A catalytic cycle for cytochrome oxidase is proposed.

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