A non-histone chromosomal 95K protein (of mol.wt. 95 000) from hen oviduct was isolated and purified for antibody induction in the rabbit. Immuno-micro-complement-fixation and biochemical techniques were used to probe the presence of 95K protein in the oviduct chromatin of the embryonic and immature chick and the hen. The antiserum against 95K protein did not react with high-mobility-group proteins 1 and 2 obtained from oviduct, brain and liver, nor with histones. After limited digestion of chromatin with nucleases, until 10% DNA was hydrolysed, a small amount of 95K protein was released. Thus the 95K protein is probably not located in the region of chromatin that is sensitive to nuclease digestion. The amount of 95K protein in immature chick oviduct chromatin is less than that in the mature hen oviduct. However, the amount of 95K protein in the immature chick oviduct was increased after oestrogen administration. The presence of 95K protein in embryonic oviduct was detected in the 10-, 12-, 15- and 18- day chick embryo. The quantity of this protein increased with the age of the embryo and reached its highest value in the chromatin of the hen oviduct.

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