All the desmosine-containing elastolytic peptides of bovine ligamentum-nuchae elastin have now been examined for amino acid sequences C-terminal to the cross-links. In addition, amino acid residues C-terminal to lysine residues in bovine tropoelastin were also examined. No tyrosine C-terminal to cross-links in bovine elastin or C-terminal to lysine in tropoelastin was detected. Apparently all the tyrosine residues C-terminal to lysine residues in pig tropoelastin are replaced with phenylalanine in bovine tropoelastin. All the data presented are consistent with the scheme proposed for the formation of desmosine and isodesmosine cross-links of elastin by Gerber & Anwar [(1975) Biochem. J. 149, 685-695].

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