The amino acid sequence of an amyloid-fibril protein of immunoglobulin light-chain type (AL) was elucidated. The sequence determination involved digesting the protein with trypsin, thermolysin and pepsin. The protein was found to consist of 154 amino acid residues and is thus missing about half of the constant region of a light chain. A certain heterogeneity in the length of the polypeptide was observed in the C-terminal region. The amino acid sequence from CDR (complementary-determining region) 1 and FR (framework region) 3 indicated an oligoclonal origin of the protein. By comparing the primary structure of protein AR with other lambda- and even kappa-chains, it was revealed that protein AR had an insertion of two residues of aspartic acid, namely residues 68 and 69, which has not been reported previously in light chains. The overall sequence homology in the variable region showed that protein AR is more similar to V lambda V than to the other subgroups [Kabat, Wu & Bilofsky (1979) Variable regions of Immunoglobulin Chains, Medical Computer Systems, Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Cambridge, MA].

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