1. Changes in the mean volume, the rate of fatty acid and acylglycerol glycerol synthesis, the activity of lipoprotein lipase and the numbers and affinities of insulin receptors of subcutaneous adipocytes are reported for sheep at different stages of pregnancy and lactation. In addition, the serum concentrations of insulin, progesterone, prolactin, choriomammotropin, somatotropin, glucose, acetate, L-lactate, glycerol and unesterified fatty acids are reported for these sheep. 2. A switch from lipid accumulation to net lipid mobilization accompanied by a decline in the capacity for lipid synthesis, occurred at the onset of the last third of pregnancy. Net lipid mobilization continued during lactation. 3. The changes that occurred in the serum concentrations of the various hormones listed above are discussed in relation to their possible roles in the modulation of adipose tissue metabolism in sheep during pregnancy and lactation. The observations are compared with those from previous studies on the hormonal control of adipose tissue metabolism in the rat during pregnancy and lactation.

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