Three groups of casein components were isolated from horse milk. Group I is almost insoluble at acid and neutral pH, and is rather heterogeneous on alkaline gels with or without sodium dodecyl sulphate. Group II shows strong similarity to beta-casein from other species, as concluded from its amino acid composition and its N- and C-terminal sequences. This group consists of five electrophoretically distinguishable forms, all containing ester phosphate groups but no carbohydrate. Group III is composed of C-terminal fragments of the beta-like (group II) fraction and probably arises from the action of a plasmin-like enzyme present in horse milk. It does not contain phosphate or carbohydrate. Homology of this group with bovine gamma-caseins is demonstrated. Both beta- and gamma-like caseins are more soluble at 4 degrees C than at room temperature.

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