The endogenous respiration of the rumen ciliate Dasytricha ruminantium maintained under an O2 tension of 2kPa (approximately 0.02 atm) was partially inhibited by KCN (40% inhibition) and NaN3 (58% inhibition). The organisms lack cytochromes, and sensitivity of respiration to KCN, NaN3, chloroquine and quercetin suggest that the operation of flavoprotein-iron-sulphur-mediated electron transport. As in Tritrichomonas foetus, hydrogenosomal respiration can be stimulated by the addition of CoA in the presence of 0.025% Triton X-100; stimulation by ADP was not detected. Stimulation of pyruvate-supported O2 uptake by Pi suggests that acetate is produced via acetyl phosphate.

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