1. Mitochondria-enriched fractions of the ciliate protozoan Tetrahymena pyriformis ST contained CO-reacting cytochromes b560 and a620. 2. A non-photodissociable oxygen-containing compound of cytochrome a620 was formed in whole cell suspensions at −114 degrees C after photolysis of CO in the presence of 200 microM-O2. 3. Electron transport, indicated by the oxidation of cytochrome a620 and cytochrome c, occurred at temperatures higher than −72 degrees C. 4. Photochemical action spectra for the relief of respiratory inhibition of whole cells by CO obtained by using a liquid dye laser indicate that the only CO-reacting terminal oxidase detectable was cytochrome a620. 5. It is concluded that the alternative electron transport chains in this organism utilize non-cytochrome terminal oxidases.

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