RNA molecules from nuclear and cytoplasmic polyribosomes of adenovirus-infected HeLa cells were compared by hybridization to analyse the sequence content. Nuclear polyribosomes were released by exposure of intact detergent-washed nuclei to poly(U) and purified. Cytoplasmic polyribosomes were also purified from the same cells. To show that nuclear polyribosomes contain ribosomes linked by mRNA, polyribosomes were labelled with methionine and uridine in the presence of actinomycin D in adenovirus-infected cells. Purified nuclear polyribosomes were treated with EDTA under conditions which dissociate polyribosomes into ribosomes and subunits with a simultaneous release of mRNA, and sedimented. The treatment dissociated these polyribosomes, releasing the mRNA from them. Radiolabelled total RNA from each polyribosome population was fractionated in sucrose gradients into several pools or hybridized to intact adenovirus DNA to select virus-specific RNA. Sucrose-gradient-fractionated pool-3 RNA (about 28S) and virus-specific RNA were then hybridized to fragments of adenovirus DNA cleaved by restriction endonucleases SmaI, HindIII and EcoRI by the Southern-blot technique and by filter hybridization. The results showed that nuclear RNA contained sequences, from about 0 to 18 map units, which were essentially absent from cytoplasmic RNA. Furthermore, the amount of virus-specific RNA for a particular sequence was also different in the two populations.

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