Kinetic constants were determined for commercially available samples of ox liver glutamate dehydrogenase, which had previously been shown to have suffered limited proteolysis during preparation, with a range of substrates and effectors. These were compared with the values obtained with enzyme preparations purified in such a way as to prevent this proteolysis from occurring [McCarthy, Walker & Tipton (1980) Biochem. J. 191, 605-611]. The Km values and maximum velocities determined with different substrates revealed little difference between the two preparations although the proteolysed enzyme had lower Km values for NH4+ and glutamate when the activities were determined with NADPH and NADP+ respectively. This preparation was more sensitive to inhibition by Cl- ions but less sensitive to inhibition by high concentrations of the substrate NADH. The two preparations also differed in their sensitivities to allosteric effectors, with the proteolysed enzyme being the less sensitive to inhibition by GTP. At high concentrations of NADH, this preparation was also more sensitive to activation by ADP and ATP.

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