The ribitol dehydrogenase gene was cloned from wild-type Klebsiella aerogenes and also from a transducing phage lambda prbt which expresses the rbt operon constitutively. The coding sequence for 249 amino acids is separated from the following D-ribulokinase gene by 31 base pairs containing three stop codons, one of which overlaps the ribosome binding site for D-ribulokinase. Three residues in the amino acid sequence differ from that predicted from the DNA sequence: Asp-212 for Asn-212 is probably a protein sequencing error, but -Ala-Val- for -Ser-Ser- at 146-147 appears to be a ‘neutral mutation’ that may have arisen during prolonged chemostat selection of a strain that superproduces the enzyme from which the protein sequence was determined.

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