A lipoxygenase cDNA clone, pCD45, was identified in a Pisum sativum L. (pea) seed mRNA cDNA library by hybrid-release/translation followed by immunoprecipitation with antiserum raised against lipoxygenase from Glycine max L. (soya bean). pCD45 hybrid-selected an mRNA encoding the larger of the two polypeptides of Mr approximately 95 000 that were immunoprecipitated from cell-free translation products of pea seed poly(A)-containing RNA by the G. max anti-lipoxygenase. ‘Northern’-blot analysis showed the mRNA that hybridized to pCD45 to be approximately 3000 nucleotides in length. Three to five copies of the lipoxygenase gene corresponding to pCD45 were estimated to be present per haploid Pisum genome; hybridization of the cDNA insert from pCD45 to G. max DNA was also detected.

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