WRK-1 rat mammary tumour cells respond to vasopressin with increased accumulation of inositol phosphates as well as increased precursor incorporation into phosphatidylinositol. The phorbol ester, phorbol 13-myristate 12-acetate (PMA) inhibits by 80% both inositol phosphate accumulation and increased precursor incorporation. This inhibition is much less evident at early times (2 min) than at later times (25 min). The vasopressin-induced rise in cytosolic free Ca2+ is inhibited in a similar manner. Oleoylacetylglycerol is inactive with respect to inhibition of vasopressin-induced increases in incorporation of 32P into phosphoinositides. PMA has no effect on vasopressin binding at saturating concentrations of the hormone and does not affect the binding affinity.

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