A beta-lactamase produced by a penicillin-resistant strain of Serratia marcescens was isolated and purified. The kcat. value for benzylpenicillin was about 5% of that observed for the best cephalosporin substrates. However, the low Km of the penam resulted in a high catalytic efficiency (kcat./Km) and the classification of the enzyme as a cephalosporinase might not be completely justified. It also exhibited a low but measurable activity against cefotaxime, cefuroxime, cefoxitin and moxalactam. Substrate-induced inactivation was observed both with a very good (cephalothin) or a very bad (moxalactam) substrate. The active site was labelled by beta-iodopenicillanate. Trypsin digestion produced a 19-residue active-site peptide whose sequence clearly allowed the classification of the enzyme as a class C beta-lactamase.

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