In the present study we have investigated the effect of changes in the concentration of cytosolic free Ca2+ ([Ca2+]i) on the deacetylation-reacylation of PAF-acether (alkylacetylglycerophosphocholine, alkylacetyl-GPC) by rabbit platelets. Washed platelets were incubated with alkyl[3H]acetyl-GPC ([3H]acetyl-PAF) or [3H]alkylacetyl-GPC ([3H]alkyl-PAF) and [Ca2+]i was subsequently elevated by the addition of the ionophore A23187 or thrombin. The catabolism of PAF-acether was studied by measuring the release of [3H]acetate or the formation of [3H]alkylacyl-GPC. The ionophore inhibited the release of [3H]acetate and the formation of [3H]alkylacyl-GPC with no accumulation of lyso-[3H]PAF, indicating that the deacetylation of PAF-acether was blocked. The effect of ionophore on the deacetylation of PAF-acether was parallel with the increase of [Ca2+]i and could be reversed by the addition of EGTA. In contrast with the prolonged inhibition evoked by ionophore, thrombin, which induced a transient elevation of [Ca2+]i, merely delayed the deacetylation of PAF-acether. Since intact platelets failed to convert exogenous lyso-PAF, the effect of Ca2+ on its acylation was investigated by using platelet homogenates. These experiments showed that the acylation of lyso-PAF was inhibited by the exogenously added Ca2+, with a maximum effect at 1 mM. When the formation of endogenous lyso-PAF from the labelled pool of alkylacyl-GPC was examined, a prolonged increase in the concentration of lyso-PAF with a parallel and equally prolonged decrease in the cellular level of alkylacyl-GPC were observed after the addition of ionophore to intact platelets. The addition of EGTA reversed the effect of ionophore, thus permitting reacylation of lyso-PAF. In contrast, only a transient change in the level of lyso-PAF and alkylacyl-GPC was evoked by the addition of thrombin. Therefore we conclude that the inhibitory effect of Ca2+ on the deacetylation-reacylation of PAF-acether may have an important role in the regulation of its biosynthesis.

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