1. Six adult rabbit soleus muscles were analysed by isolating histochemically identified fibre pieces from freeze-dried serial cross-sections. 2. By the use of this method, four fibre types (I, IC, IIC and IIA) were identified and analysed micro-electrophoretically. 3. Type I fibres contained the slow myosin heavy chain HCI and the slow myosin light chains LC1s and LC2s. 4. Type IIA fibres contained the fast myosin HCIIa with the fast light chains and, in addition, either LC1s or both LC1s and LC2s. 5. The C fibres (IC and IIC) represented intermediate populations between types I and IIC (IC) and between IC and IIA (IIC). They contained varied ratios of HCI/HCIIa with both sets of fast and slow light chains. With regard to myosin composition and isoforms of other myofibrillar proteins (M- and C-proteins, alpha-tropomyosin, troponin I), IC fibres resembled type I and IIC fibres resembled type IIA. 6. The presence of various myosin light and heavy chains within a specific fibre suggests a multiplicity of isomyosins. Without consideration of LC1sa and LC1sb differences, at least 54 possible isomyosins can be derived: type I fibres contain one isomyosin, types IC and IIC 54 possible isomyosins, and type IIA up to 18.

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