The regulation of glyceraldehyde-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH) gene expression was studied during the onset of obesity in the genetically obese (fa/fa) rat by determination of GAPDH activity and hybridizable mRNA amounts in adipose tissue and liver from suckling and weanling rats. GADPH activity remained low throughout the suckling period, and a burst of activity occurred after weaning in both lean and obese pups. As early as 7 days of age, adipose tissue from pre-obese rats displayed a significant increase in enzyme activity, whereas no difference could be detected in the liver. In both suckling (16 days of age) and weanling (30 days of age) obese rats a proportionate increase in GAPDH activity and mRNA amounts was observed in adipose tissue, but not in liver. It is concluded that the obese genotype influences GAPDH gene expression at a pretranslational level and in a tissue-specific manner. This phenomenon could partly contribute to the hyperactive fat accretion in the obese rat, since glycolysis is the major metabolic pathway for lipogenic substrates in adipose tissue.

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