Bovine and rat liver acyl-CoA-binding proteins (ACBP) were found to exhibit a much higher affinity for long-chain acyl-CoA esters than both bovine hepatic and cardiac fatty-acid-binding proteins (hFABP and cFABP respectively). In the Lipidex 1000- as well as the liposome-binding assay, bovine and rat hepatic ACBP effectively bound long-chain acyl-CoA ester, h- and c-FABP were, under identical conditions, unable to bind significant amounts of long-chain acyl-CoA esters. When FABP, ACBP and [1-14C]hexadecanoyl-CoA were mixed, hexadecanoyl-CoA could be shown to be bound to ACBP only. The experimental results give strong evidence that ACBP, and not FABP, is the predominant carrier of acyl-CoA in liver.

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