TGN38 is an integral membrane protein previously shown to be predominantly localized to the trans-Golgi network (TGN) of cells by virtue of a signal contained within its cytoplasmic ‘tail’ [Luzio, Brake, Banting, Howell, Braghetta & Stanley (1990) Biochem. J. 270, 97-102]. We now (i) describe the isolation of cDNA clones encoding an isoform of TGN38, (ii) present the sequence of that isoform and (iii) describe the production and use of antibodies which specifically recognize the new isoform. This isoform, designated TGN41, is also predominantly localized to the TGN. The only sequence differences between the protein coding regions of cDNA clones encoding TGN38 and those encoding TGN41 occur within the region specifying the cytoplasmic tails of the two proteins. The TGN localization signal is shown to be within the sequence common to both proteins.

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