Epididymal glutathione peroxidase (GPX) has been suggested as a major factor in combating loss of fertility of spermatozoa due to lipid peroxidation. We report here the isolation and sequence of putative GPX cDNAs from rat (Rattus rattus) and cynomolgus-monkey (Macaca fascicularis) epididymis, which exhibit marked sequence identity with known GPXs. In both species the cDNAs encode predicted preproteins containing 221 amino acid residues. Unlike other characterized GPX sequences, epididymal GPX mRNA does not contain a selenocysteine codon (UGA). However, sequence comparison and molecular-modelling studies suggest a high degree of structural conservation between epididymal and other GPXs. Transcripts corresponding to epididymal GPX are not detected in a variety of other tissues (liver, spleen, kidney and testis) and appear to be androgen-regulated in the epididymis.

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