Comparison of partial primary sequences of sigma-class glutathione S-transferases (GSH) of parasitic helminths and a GSH-dependent prostaglandin (PG)-H D-isomerase of rat immune accessory cells suggested that some of the helminth enzymes may also be involved in PG biosynthesis [Meyer and Thomas (1995) Biochem. J. 311, 739-742]. A soluble GSH transferase of the parasitic nematode Ascaridia galli has now been purified which shows high activity and specificity in the GSH-dependent isomerization of PGH to PGE, comparable to that of the rat spleen enzyme in its isomerization of PGH to PGD, and similarly stimulates the activity of prostaglandin H synthase. The enzyme subunit is structurally related to the rat spleen enzyme and sigma-class GSH transferases of helminths according to the partial primary sequence. The data support the hypothesis that some sigma-class GSH transferases of helminth parasites are involved in PG biosynthesis which, in the case of PGE, is likely to be associated with the subversion or suppression of host immunity. A PG-H E-isomerase of comparable specificity and activity has not previously been isolated.

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