We have previously shown that glucose can exert a repressive effect on the transcription of the sucrase–isomaltase (SI) gene in the differentiated enterocyte-like human colon carcinoma cell lines HT-29 and Caco-2. To characterize the region through which glucose exerts this effect, three different-length fragments of the 5´-flanking region of the human SI gene were linked to the reporter gene luciferase in an episomal vector carrying a hygromycin resistance gene. These fragments were used for transfection into a clone of the Caco-2 cell line, PF11, which has high glucose consumption and only expresses SI at high levels when cultured in the presence of a low supply of glucose. By using the stably transformed PF11 cells grown either in standard high glucose (25 mM) or in low glucose (1 mM) it was possible to show that the smallest fragment of the SI promoter, extending from bases -370 to +30, contains all the information required for the glucose repression of the reporter gene luciferase.

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