We reported previously that three basic amino acids (Arg-360, Arg-364 and Lys-372) of DnaA protein are essential for its functional interaction with cardiolipin. In this study, we examined the effect of mutation of some basic amino acids in a potential amphipathic helix (from Lys-327 to Ile-345) of DnaA protein on this interaction. ATP binding to the mutant DnaA protein, in which Arg-328, Arg-334 and Arg-342 were changed to acidic amino acids, was less inhibited by cardiolipin than that of the wild-type protein, as was the case for mutant DnaA protein with mutations of Arg-360, Arg-364 and Lys-372. A mutant DnaA protein with mutations of all six basic amino acids showed the most resistance to the inhibition of ATP binding by cardiolipin. These results suggest that Arg-328, Arg-334 and Arg-342, like Arg-360, Arg-364 and Lys-372, are also involved in the functional interaction between DnaA protein and acidic phospholipids.

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