Acidic fibroblast growth factor (aFGF) intracellular binding protein (FIBP) is a protein found mainly in the nucleus that might be involved in the intracellular function of aFGF. Here we present a comparative analysis of the deduced amino acid sequences of human, murine and Drosophila FIBP analogues and demonstrate that FIBP is an evolutionarily conserved protein. The human gene spans more than 5kb, comprising ten exons and nine introns, and maps to chromosome 11q13.1. Two slightly different splice variants found in different tissues were isolated and characterized. Sequence analysis of the region surrounding the translation start revealed a CpG island, a classical feature of widely expressed genes. Functional studies of the promoter region with a luciferase reporter system suggested a strong transcriptional activity residing within 600bp of the 5´ flanking region.

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