A possible role for GLUT2 transiently expressed in the rat jejunal brush-border membrane (BBM) under the influence of glucagon-like peptide 2 (GLP-2) was investigated using in vivo perfusion of the intestinal lumen as well as isolation of membrane proteins and immunohistochemistry. A 1h vascular infusion of GLP-2 in vivo doubled the rate of fructose absorption and this increase could be blocked by luminal phloretin. Immunohistochemistry of frozen sections of rat jejunum showed the expression of GLUT2 in both the basolateral and BBMs of mature enterocytes. Perfusion of the intestinal lumen with 50mM d-glucose or vascular infusion of 800pM GLP-2 for 1h increased the expression of GLUT2 in the BBM. Quantification of these changes using Western blotting of biotinylated surface-exposed protein showed a doubling of the expression of GLUT2 in the BBM, but the effects of glucose and GLP-2 were not additive. These results indicate that vascular GLP-2 can promote the insertion of GLUT2 into the rat jejunal BBM providing a low-affinity/high-capacity route of entry for dietary hexoses.

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