Fibronectins are cell-secreted glycoproteins that modulate cell attachment, spreading, migration, morphology, differentiation and oncogenic transformation. Fibronectin expression is activated during EMT (epithelial–mesenchymal transition) and is a hallmark of mesenchymal cells. It is shown in the present study that a transcription factor previously unrelated with EMT, TFCP2c/LSF/LBP-1c, was translocated to the nucleus and bound to the fibronectin promoter upon EMT induction by Snail1. Consequently, the interference of TFCP2c/LSF/LBP-1c's activity prevented fibronectin expression. Moreover, TFCP2c/LSF/LBP-1c was detected in nuclei of embryonic dermal mesenchymal cells adjacent to the hair bud, a cell population that expresses endogenous nuclear Snail1 and fibronectin. Therefore we indicate a new molecular role for TFCP2c/LSF/LBP-1c in fibronectin expression.

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