EcLeuRS [Escherichia coli LeuRS (leucyl-tRNA synthetase)] has evolved both tRNA-dependent pre- and post-transfer editing capabilities to ensure catalytic specificity. Both editing functions rely on the entry of the tRNA CCA tail into the editing domain of the LeuRS enzyme, which, according to X-ray crystal structural studies, leads to a dynamic disordered orientation of the interface between the synthetic and editing domains. The results of the present study show that this tRNA-triggered conformational rearrangement leads to interdomain communication between the editing and synthetic domains through their interface, and this communication mechanism modulates the activity of tRNA-dependent pre-transfer editing. Furthermore, tRNA-dependent editing reaction inhibits misactivating non-cognate amino acids from the synthetic active site. These results also suggested a novel quality control mechanism of EcLeuRS which is achieved through the co-ordination between the synthetic and editing domains.

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