The functions and signalling mechanisms of the Ang-(1–7) [angiotensin-(1–7)] receptor Mas have been studied extensively. However, less attention has been paid to the intracellular regulation of Mas protein. In the present study, PSD95 (postsynaptic density 95), a novel binding protein of Mas receptor, was identified, and their association was characterized further. Mas specifically interacts with PDZ1-2, but not the PDZ3, domain of PSD95 via Mas-CT (Mas C-terminus), and the last four amino acids [ETVV (Glu-Thr-Val-Val)] of Mas-CT were determined to be essential for this interaction, as shown by GST pull-down, co-immunoprecipitation and confocal co-localization experiments. Gain-of-function and loss-of-function studies indicated that PSD95 enhanced Mas protein expression by increasing the stabilization of the receptor. Mas degradation was robustly inhibited by the proteasome inhibitor MG132 in time- and dose-dependent manners, and the expression of PSD95 impaired Mas ubiquitination, indicating that the PSD95–Mas association inhibits Mas receptor degradation via the ubiquitin–proteasome proteolytic pathway. These findings reveal a novel mechanism of Mas receptor regulation by which its expression is modulated at the post-translational level by ubiquitination, and clarify the role of PSD95, which binds directly to Mas, blocking the ubiquitination and subsequent degradation of the receptor via the ubiquitin–proteasome proteolytic pathway.

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