Irisin, a myokine derived from the extracellular domain of FNDC5, has been shown to mediate thermogenesis of white adipose tissue. Biochemical data have shown that N-glycosylation of FNDC5 is unlikely to affect ligand or receptor activation of irisin. The N-glycosylation of FNDC5 remains poorly understood. In the present study, we analysed N-glycosylation sites of FNDC5 and found that two potential N-glycosylation sites (Asn36 and Asn81) could indeed be occupied by N-glycan. Furthermore we showed that the lack of N-glycosylation decreases the secretion of irisin, which is relevant to the instability of FNDC5 and the deficiency of cleavage of the signal peptide. We also found that the expression level of N-glycosylated FNDC5 was elevated after myoblast differentiation. These findings show that the secretion of irisin is modulated by N-glycosylation, which in turn enhances our understanding of the secretion of glycosylated irisin.

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