The regulation of proteasome activity is essential to cellular homeostasis and defects have been implicated in various disorders including Parkinson disease. The F-box protein FBXO7 has been implicated in early-onset parkinsonism and has previously been shown to have a regulatory role in proteasome activity and assembly. Here, we report the association of the E3 ubiquitin ligase FBXO7-SCF (SKP1, cullin-1, F-box protein) with the BAG6 complex, consisting of the subunits BAG6, GET4 and UBL4A. We identify the subunit GET4 as a direct interactor of FBXO7 and we show that the subunits GET4 and UBL4A are required for proper proteasome activity. Our findings demonstrate reduced binding of FBXO7 variants to GET4 and that FBXO7 variants bring about reduced proteasome activity. In addition, we find that GET4 is a non-proteolytic substrate of FBXO7, that binding of GET4 to BAG6 is enhanced in the presence of active FBXO7-SCF and that the cytoplasmic localization of the BAG6 complex is dependent on the E3 ubiquitin ligase activity. Taken together, our study shows that the parkinsonism-associated FBXO7 cooperates with the BAG6 complex in proteasome function and determines the subcellular localization of this complex.

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