LMBD1 was previously demonstrated to regulate the endocytosis of insulin receptor on the cell surface and to mediate the export of cobalamin from the lysosomes to the cytosol, but little is known about its function in mitosis. In this study, interactome analysis data indicate that LMBD1 is involved in cytoskeleton regulation. Both immunoprecipitation and GST pulldown assays demonstrated the association of LMBD1 with tubulin. Immunofluorescence staining also showed the colocalization of LMBD1 with microtubule in both interphase and mitotic cells. LMBD1 specifically accelerates microtubule assembly dynamics in vitro and antagonizes the microtubule-disruptive effect of vinblastine. In addition, LMBRD1-knockdown impairs mitotic spindle formation, inhibits tubulin polymerization, and diminishes the mitosis-associated tubulin acetylation. The reduced acetylation can be reversed by ectopic expression of LMBD1 protein. These results suggest that LMBD1 protein stabilizes microtubule intermediates. Furthermore, embryonic fibroblasts derived from Lmbrd1 heterozygous knockout mice showed abnormality in microtubule formation, mitosis, and cell growth. Taken together, LMBD1 plays a pivotal role in regulating microtubule assembly that is essential for the process of cell mitosis.

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