1. The polysaccharide and mucopeptide components of the cell wall of Lactobacillus fermenti, serological group F, were separated by mild conditions of acid hydrolysis; the polysaccharide was composed of glucose and galactose. 2. Soluble cell-wall products were isolated from cell wall lysed by lysozyme and a Streptomyces enzyme preparation. The lysozyme-dissolved fraction contained a greater proportion of mucopeptide. 3. The soluble preparations were heated in dilute acid to hydrolyse the linkage between the polysaccharide and mucopeptide components and then incubated with acid phosphatase. 4. Inorganic phosphate was released from products of Streptomyces enzyme action but not from products of lysozyme action. 5. The phosphate was shown to be present in the mucopeptide as muramic acid phosphate. It is concluded that in the intact wall polysaccharide is joined to muramic acid by a phosphodiester linkage.

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