1. The light fraction of the proteoglycan of bovine nasal cartilage was split by treatment with 0.1m-hydrochloric acid in acetone. The products were separated by gel filtration on 4% agarose and two retarded fractions were detected and isolated. These two fractions were found to have a Stokes radius of 134 and 47 Å respectively, as determined by calibration of the column against proteins of known hydrodynamic volumes. 2. The 47 Å fraction had a protein content of 4% and a glucosamine/galactosamine ratio 1:23. The 134 Å fraction had a protein content of 20% and a glucosamine/galactosamine ratio 1:4.8. 3. The results of the viscometric studies on both fractions suggested that the 134 Å fraction alone exhibited the property of undergoing reversible pH-dependent aggregation with a transition point at pH4.9. 4. It was concluded that these fractions could represent subunits of the native cartilage proteoglycan.

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