1. Methods are described for the assay and purification of pyruvate apocarboxylase and pyruvate holocarboxylase synthetase from biotin-deficient Bacillus stearothermophilus. 2. Pyruvate apocarboxylase was obtained 200-fold purified and in a nearly homogeneous state; it closely resembled the holoenzyme of the thermophile in fractionation properties, electrophoretic mobility and molecular weight (estimated to be 350000 by gel filtration). 3. Pyruvate holocarboxylase synthetase, purified more than 50-fold, was estimated to have a molecular weight of approx. 40000. 4. The conversion of the purified apoenzyme into the holoenzyme required the presence of the synthetase, ATP (Km3.3×10−7m), (+)-biotin (Km7.5×10−8m) and Mg2+; it differed from the conversions effected by systems forming other carboxylases in mesophilic organisms in also requiring the presence of acetyl-CoA.

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