1. Labelled precursors of choline, namely ethanolamine, dimethylaminoethanol and methionine and also labelled choline itself were injected intraperitoneally into the adult female rat and the incorporation into lipids and water-soluble fractions was traced in liver, blood and brain. 2. No significant free choline was detected and no labelling of the phosphorylcholine of blood. There was, however, considerable labelling of the phosphorylcholine of brain and liver. 3. After intracerebral injection, [1,2-14C]dimethylaminoethanol was rapidly phosphorylated and converted into phosphatidyldimethylaminoethanol, presumably by the cytidine pathway. 4. In view of the pattern of labelling and the amount of phosphatidylcholine in the tissues examined, it seems highly likely that choline is transported to the brain by the blood in a lipid-bound form.

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