1. Antisera were raised against lysosomal cathepsin D of man, chicken and rabbit. 2. The antisera were found to be specific and potent inhibitors of cathepsin D activity. 3. The immunological nature of the inhibition was established. 4. The inhibitory effect was studied by varying pH, antiserum/enzyme ratio, time of incubation, concentration of components and order of mixing, and by using purified antibody and univalent antibody fragments. 5. The specificities of the antisera were examined with respect to other enzymes, isoenzymes of cathepsin D and cathepsin D from different organs. 6. The antisera prevented the action of cathepsin D on isolated proteoglycans and on cartilage. 7. The antisera produced up to 90% inhibition of the autolysis of cartilage from chicks and rabbits, indicating that cathepsin D is the enzyme mainly responsible for the breakdown of proteoglycans in this system.

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