1. The effect of noradrenaline on the synthesis of glyceride from [U-14C]glucose and on gas exchange in the brown fat of newborn rabbits in vitro was investigated. 2. The specific radioactivity of l-glycerol 3-phosphate was lower than that of lactate, presumably because glycerol derived from glyceride was rephosphorylated by glycerokinase. 3. In the basal state more than 25% of the total respiration was due to pyruvate oxidation. Noradrenaline stimulated glyceride synthesis and total respiration without changing the proportion of the total respiration due to pyruvate oxidation. 4. The extra ADP released by noradrenaline stimulation of glyceride synthesis could not have supported more than 2% of the observed increase in substrate oxidation if mitochondria from brown-fat-cells remain fully coupled in the stimulated state, but could have supported about one-third of the observed increase if they become uncoupled in the presence of noradrenaline.

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