1. The response of renal β-glucuronidase with time to the injection of gonadotrophin was investigated in each submicrosomal fraction of rough and smooth microsomal fractions of mouse kidney homogenate. 2. The increase in β-glucuronidase activity appeared initially in membranes of the rough microsomal fraction, 24h after injection. 3. Afterwards the newly synthesized enzyme appeared in the contents of the rough microsomal fraction and was subsequently found in the smooth microsomal fraction, reaching a maximum concentration in this fraction at 72h. 4. At this juncture, a decrease in the enzyme activity was observed in rough microsomal contents whereas the lysosomal fraction had reached its maximum value. 5. The time-course of the appearance of β-glucuronidase in the submicrosomal fractions after the gonadotrophin stimulation suggests that the newly synthesized enzyme at the site of membrane-bound ribosomes is transferred across the membrane into cisternae of the rough endoplasmic reticulum, and then is transported into lysosomes via the smooth endoplasmic reticulum. 6. The properties of microsomal and lysosomal β-glucuronidases were compared.

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