1. The contents of the fibrous proteins collagen and elastin in the pleural and parenchymal regions of bovine lungs were determined. The collagen content was approx. 70% (g/100g of salt-extracted defatted powder) in each tissue, and the elastin content was 28% in pleura and 13.5% in parenchyma. 2. Purification of the insoluble collagen from the pleura and parenchyma of bovine lungs by various methods was attempted. The collagen fractions isolated after incubation of the pulmonary tissues with the proteolytic enzymes collagenase (“collagenase-soluble” fraction) or pancreatic elastase (“elastase-insoluble” fraction) each contained approx. 87% of the total collagen initially present. 3. Both collagen fractions were chemically analysed for their amino acid and carbohydrate contents and were found to be similar to those of the intact interstitial collagens isolated from skin, bone and tendon. 4. The contents of the two aldimine cross-linking compounds, dehydrohydroxylysinonorleucine and dehydrodihydroxylysinonorleucine, were determined in the bovine pulmonary collagen fractions, and were found to decrease with increasing age of the animals, and were similar to the values found in intact collagens from bone and tendon.

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