1. The activities of some enzymes of glycerolipid synthesis were measured in homogenates obtained from the intestinal scrapings of 62-66-day foetuses and 2- and 8-day-old guinea pigs. 2. The ratio of protein concentration/DNA concentration was significantly higher (P greater than 0.001) in homogenized tissue from the neonatal compared with the foetal guinea pigs. Enzyme activities were therefore expressed relative to both protein and to DNA. 3. The specific activities (relative to DNA) of palmitoyl-CoA synthetase, glycerol phosphate acyltransferase and phosphatidate phosphatase were higher in homogenized tissues from neonatal than in those from the foetal guinea pigs. These activities are probably involved more in cell proliferation than in the absorption and transport of triacylglycerol. Its activity was not significantly different in the foetal and neonatal guinea pigs when expressed relative to DNA but it was lower in the neonatal guinea pigs when expressed relative to protein. The entry of food into the intestine after birth is therefore not necessary for its activity.

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