1. Secondary-amine mono-oxygenase (proposed EC group 1.14.99.-) was partially purified from trimethylamine-grown Pseudomonas aminovorans by (NH4)2SO4 fractionation, gel filtration, hydrophobic chromatography on 5-aminopentylamino-Sepharose, and affinity chromatography on Sepharose-bound NADH. 2. Some problems in the affinity-chromatography step are discussed. 3. A steady-state kinetic analysis varying substrate, oxygen and electron-donor concentrations was performed, which, over the concentration range studied, gave a series of families of approximately parallel double-reciprocal plots. From secondary and tertiary plots, Michaelis constants of 0.160 mM, 0.086 mM and 0.121 mM were obtained for dimethylamine, NADPH and oxygen respectively. 4. Product-inhibition studies supported the postulated Hexa Uni Ping Pong (triple-transfer) reaction mechanism.

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