The initial-velocity kinetics of hog kidney gamma-glutamyltransferase were studied. Glutamate gamma-(4-nitroanilide) and its 3-carboxy derivative, glutamate gamma-(3-carboxy-4-nitroanilide), served as gamma-glutamyl donors, and glycylglycine as an acceptor. Reaction products were identified by paper chromatography and amino acid analysis. Inhibited Ping Pong mechanisms and a comprehensive initial- velocity expression were developed which account for the observed simultaneous gamma-glutamyl transfer and autotransfer, competitive inhibition by glycylglycine, and non-competitive inhibition by the carboxy donor. The validity of the proposed Ping Pong mechanisms are supported by enzyme-velocity data obtained with constant ratios of acceptor to donor concentrations. Kinetic constants were determined by a non-linear regression analysis. With glutamate gamma-(4-nitroanilide) as the donor, Michaelis constants for the donor, acceptor and donor-acting-as-acceptor are 1.87, 24.9, and 2.08 mM respectively. With glutamate gamma-(3-carboxy-4-nitroanilide) as the donor, these Michaelis constants are 1.63, 16.6, and 12.3 mM. Glyclyglycine competitive inhibition constants with the parent donor and its carboxy derivative are 275 and 205 mM respectively; the non-competitive inhibition constant of the carboxy donor is 34 mM.

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