1. Strains of Escherichia coli K12 were made that are unable to assimilate glucose by the phosphotransferase system, since they lack the glucose-specific components specified by the genes ptsG and ptsM. 2. Derivative organisms lacking the methyl galactoside or galactose-specific transport system were examined for their ability to transport galactose, d-fucose, methyl beta-D-galactoside, glucose, 2-deoxy-D-glucose and methyl alpha-D-glucoside. 3. Galactose, glucose and to a lesser extent fucose are substrates for both transport systems. 4. 2-Deoxyglucose is transported on the galactose-specific but not the methyl galactoside system. 5. The ability of sugars to elicit anaerobic proton transport is associated with the galactose-specific, but not with the methyl galactoside transport activity. Hence a chemiosmotic mechanism of energization is likely to apply to the former but not to the latter. Alternatively the methyl galactoside system may be switched off under certain conditions, which would indicate a novel regulatory mechanism. 6. Details of the procedure for the derivation of strains may be obtained from the authors, and have been deposited as Supplementary Publication SUP 50074 (8 pages at the) British Library Lending Division, Boston Spa, Wetherby, West Yorkshire LS23 7BQ, U.K., from whom copies can be obtained on the terms indicated in Biochem. J. (1977), 161,1.

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