1. Isocitrate lyase activity was measured in non-induced Chlorella fusca var. vacuolata cells. 2. During exponential autotrophic growth about 1-2 molecules of the enzyme per cell were present. 3. In light-limited cultures the amount of the enzyme increased to 10-20 molecules/cell. 4. When autotrophic cultures were placed in the dark, the basal activity of isocitrate lyase increased after a 2h lag so that after 8h in the dark there was a 500-fold increase in activity. 5. When isocitrate lyase was induced (by addition of acetate and removal of illumination) in autotrophic cultures which had been growing exponentially, the full induced rate of enzyme synthesis was obtained after 70-80min. 6. When light-limited autotrophic cultures were induced, the rate of isocitrate lyase synthesis was maximal after only 40-50min. 7. These data are consistent with a catabolite-repression control co-ordinated with photosynthetic activity, which may be independent of the specific inducing effect of acetate.

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