Prolyl 3-hydroxylase activity, expressed per unit of extract protein, was much higher in rat kidney cortex than in the lung, liver or skin. A marked decrease in activity was found in the kidney cortex, liver and skin beyond 10 days of age. The ratio of prolyl 3-hydroxylase to 4-hydroxylase activity in the kidney cortex was 13–17 times that in the skin, that in the liver 6–8 times, and that in the lung about twice the value for the skin, there being no changes in this ratio with age. In 16-day chick embryos the highest ratios of prolyl 3-hydroxylase to 4-hydroxylase activity were found in the liver, heart, lens, aorta and kidney, and the lowest ratios in tendon, cartilage, cartilaginous and membranous bone and skin. The results suggest that the differences in the extent of prolyl 3-hydroxylation between various collagens can in part be explained by differences in the amount of prolyl e-hydroxylase activity among different cells.

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