Double-labelling and peptide isolation have been used to examine the homology between the actin of IMR-90 human embryo fibroblasts and muscle actin. After separation of mixtures of [14C]carboxymethylated muscle actin and [3H]carboxymethylated proteins of IMR-90 cells of electrophoresis on sodium dodecyl sulphate-containing polyacrylamide gels, peptides were generated from the material co-migrating with actin by digestion with chymotrypsin. Peptides homologous with peptides accounting for Cys-217, Cys-256, Cys-284 and Cys-373 of muscle actin are present in this material, but no peptide homologous with a Cys-10-containing peptide was detected. From the amount of actin-derived peptides present, the actin content of IMR-90 fibroblasts was calculated to be 4.2% of the total protein of these cells.

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