The peptide antibiotic tridecaptin caused a 2--4-fold stimulation in the incorporation of mannose from GDP-[14C]mannose and glucose from UDP-[3H]glucose into lipid-linked monosaccharides by both the particulate and the soluble enzyme fractions from pig aorta. In both cases, the major products and the ones stimulated by antibiotic were dolichyl phosphate mannose and dolichyl phosphate glucose. The stimulation in activity was unaffected by increasing concentrations of dolichyl phosphate, GDP-mannose, UdP-glucose, Mn2+ or the detergent Nonidet P40. Tridecaptin stimulation was apparently not due to protection of sugar nucleotide substrate, since addition of various concentrations of sugar nucleotides did not alter the stimulation. Nor did the addition of tridecaptin result in any increase in the amount of radioactive sugar nucleotide recovered from incubation mixtures. Tridecaptin bound to the particulate enzyme and could not be removed by centrifugation of the particles.

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