(CaMg)ATPase [(Ca2+ + Mg2+)-dependent ATPase] was partially purified from a microsomal fraction of the smooth muscle of the pig stomach (antrum). Membranes were solubilized with deoxycholate, followed by removal of the detergent by dialysis. The purified (CaMg)ATPase has a specific activity (at 37 degrees C) of 157 +/- 12.1 (7)nmol.min-1.mg-1 of protein, and it is stimulated by calmodulin to 255 +/- 20.9 (7)nmol.min.mg-1. This purification of the (CaMg)ATPase resulted in an increase of the specific activity by approx. 18-fold and in a recovery of the total enzyme activity of 55% compared with the microsomal fraction. The partially purified (CaMg)ATPase still contains some Mg2+-and (Na+ + K+)-dependent ATPase activities, but their specific activities are increased relatively less than that of the (CaMg)ATPase. The ratios of the (CaMg)ATPase to Mg2+- and (Na+ + K+)-dependent ATPase activities increase from respectively 0.14 and 0.81 in the crude microsomal fraction to 1.39 and 9.07 in the purified preparation. During removal of the deoxycholate by dialysis, vesicles were reconstituted which were capable of ATP-dependent Ca2+ transport.

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