Levels of methylenetetrahydrofolate in Krebs ascites cells subsequent to transplantation and the effects of methotrexate on these levels have been measured. To directly measure methylenetetrahydrofolate in tissue extracts, the cofactor was incorporated into a covalent ternary complex with thymidylate synthase and 3H-labelled fluorodeoxyuridine monophosphate. A 3-4-day lag preceded rapid growth of the tumour cells, and this same kinetic behaviour was observed for methylenetetrahydrofolate levels in the tumour cells. Liver and kidney tissue from the same animals also showed an increase in methylenetetrahydrofolate over the same time period. The impact of methotrexate on methylenetetrahydrofolate in the tumour cells depended upon concentration and the post-transplantation time at which treatment was initiated. Levels of methylenetetrahydrofolate in the tumour cells were most sensitive to the drug at the beginning of the rapid growth phase and were more sensitive to a given level of methotrexate in the presence of phospholipids. A slight but significant increase in methylenetetrahydrofolate occurred in some cases in response to the presence of methotrexate.

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