The Michaelis-Menten equation for the utilization of competing substrates was applied to the uptake of 2-deoxy[3H]glucose into the mammary gland of anaesthetized lactating rats. Intracellular water was calculated from total tissue water and sucrose space. Fed rats had a mean transport capacity of 2.2 mumol/min per g of tissue, giving an actual glucose transport in vivo of 1.1 mumol/min per g. Transport decreased by 90% on overnight starvation and returned to normal by 2 h of re-feeding. Similar changes were observed in the 1 min or 5 min transport of circulating 3-O-methylglucose. Transport of 3-O-methylglucose in starved rats was restored towards normal by insulin. In fed rats it increased between parturition and day 12 of lactation. The findings support the proposal that transport is a rate-limiting factor in the mammary utilization of carbohydrate.

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